Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Dublin

Dublin has some of the best music facilities in the world, check out some of our favourites...

If you've finished the hard part - actually writing the songs - and now want to get those songs out there, you will want nothing but the best quality result.

Why not take a leaf out of some of the biggest bands in the world's book and record at some of the best studios in Dublin. Let Singing Lessons Dublin guide you through these world-renowned musical havens.

Windmill Lane Recording Studios

Windmill Lane Recording Studios is also famously known as the "U2 Studio", for obvious reasons. It is a large studio that opened in 1978 and has since moved its business elsewhere, even though the building remains an important icon in the city. A list of artists who have recorded there would be enough to convince you of its quality, artists like the Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, R.E.M. and Elvis Costello, as well as U2's most critically acclaimed albums. Just 15 minutes from the centre of Dublin, the studio features three main rooms, the largest of which can house an 80-piece orchestra, and that work with classic and vintage equipment giving you those world-class results that you would expect. Obviously, with reputation comes quality, and with quality comes to expense, and so it is unlikely that this would be your go-to studio for recording your first EP. However, there are three different studios all with different prices, the cheapest of which is €280 per day, and the most expensive is €800 per day. The equipment here is second to none, you can hardly believe that U2 would settle for anything less, and this adds to the price. If, however, you are serious about your recording, and that only the absolute best is good enough, head to 20 Ringsend Road, Co. Dublin 4 to see what they have to offer.

Temple Lane

Temple Lane is a professional recording studio that has spearheaded Irish music since 1984 and doesn't look set to slow down. Artists like Snow Patrol and Kanye West have graced its doors, and for good reason, since the 3 studios have absolutely top-of-the-range gear. With a huge range of amplifiers, microphones and instruments, all being fed through to their famous consoles creates a recording experience like no other. The studio prides itself on the cultivating of independent Irish artists and provides seven fully equipped rehearsal spaces in the Temple Bar Music Centre for bands to practice and truly hone their sound. Clients like Dinosaur Jr. and Van Morrison have paid visits, but don't let this put you off, the studio caters to even the youngest bands with equal amounts of professionalism and good service. Rates for the rehearsal spaces are €50 per session, with a number of these available throughout the day. Studio rates are likely to be rather higher but are to be negotiated via the telephone, or by heading to 8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. The website also offers many links so that you can hear exactly the kind of service you are likely to get before you commit.

Loop Studios

Loop Studios is a recording and rehearsal studios in the heart of Dublin, that provides a professional space in which to practice to the standard that you will be able to record, in an equally professional studio. The rehearsal studios feature a full range of equipment, so all you'll need to carry is your instruments. The studios have been in the heart of the Dublin music business for ten years and is happy to cater to any genre of music, and any size of the band, whether you work alone or which ten other musicians. Rehearsal rates vary, at generally around €50 for a 5-hour session, plus or minus around €10 for peak times. The recording rate is €28 per hour, or €200 for 10 hours, which is a relatively good price considering the range of gear that becomes available to you. The combination of digital tools with tried and true analogue instruments makes the sound likely to be something you don't want to miss out on. So if you are looking to put down your first EP, or your fifth album, be sure to check out Loop Studios at Space 28, North Lotts, Dublin 1, Leinster.

Westland Studios Dublin

Westland Studios Dublin can be found at the Blue Doorway, Magennis Place, Off Pearse Street, Dublin 2, NN5-21-YZ7, and is an equally world-famous institution among Dublin's music scene. Originally opened in 1976, the studios have seen the cream of international music grow and bloom, and has sculpted the sound of artists such as U2, Thin Lizzy, Bob Dylan and the Cure. It is one of the largest studios in Dublin, with a main area of 90m2, and boasts some of the highest quality equipment anywhere. The console is a 30-year-old powerhouse, while the grand piano and Hammond organ with Leslie speaker is enough to make any musician drool. If you are in need of the warmth that analogue equipment delivers, the studio has analogue tape to record and mix onto, as well as the standard digital recording tools that are a must in the modern day. The studio does not offer flat rates usually and must be contacted for a quote. Such a world-class studio will not come cheap, and they suggest getting some serious funding for the quality of a professional product. However, you cannot really put a price on the quality of their gear or the sheer experience of the engineers, so it's up to you.

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