Music Shops in Dublin

Find the best places in Dublin to buy music equipment.

The Dublin music stores have grown along with the music scene, and so some of these shops have served your favourite artists and helped them get to where they are today.

If you are in need of a new guitar or looking to start recording or looking to just experience a piece of Irish musical history, head to these stores, where you are sure to receive friendly and professional service.

X Music

X Music can be found at Unit 1, Robin Hood Road, Red Cow Retail Centre, Dublin 22, and features essentially all products you could ever want. If you are looking for a new main guitar, or are looking for your first keyboard to add that extra dimension to your music, you are likely to find that here. It claims to be Ireland's largest musical instrument store and is manned by fellow musicians who will know exactly how to help and advise you on the best possible way to maximise your funds. If you aren't looking for a new guitar, but just need your current one maintained in some way, Ireland's best-known guitar techs are on hand to repair or set-up your guitar. There is also a section for second-hand instruments, which is useful if you are on a tight budget but still want the famous build-quality of the top brands. If you are already in a band and are looking to start some home-recording, there is a large section for studio equipment, and microphones, as well as the more standard effects and books of sheet music. Why not head down to X Music and check out their selection, you could even head to your own private booth to really get to grips with that new guitar before you buy.

Jimi's Music Store

Jimi's Music Store is a vintage specialist shop that is characterised by some of the most well-worn, but the top of the range vintage guitars and amps around. If you are looking to enter the world of vintage guitars, or you are a collector looking to enhance your current selection, Jimi's music store should have everything you need. The store has existed for over 20 years, and so is certainly experienced in serving every need of the seasoned vintage guitar owner. Just a browse through the gallery is enough to make any guitarist yearn for the warm sound of genuine Stratocasters from the '60s or classic Les Pauls. If you already have the ideal guitar, then why not check out the selection of tube and valve amps from the '60s, vintage build quality that gives off the sounds that started a musical revolution, you could truly own a piece of musical history. Obviously, with a store specialising in vintage instruments, you can expect to pay more than double the price of the same instruments had they been from the present day, however when it comes to guitars the adage that 'you get what you pay for' really becomes true. For the classic sounds of your guitar heroes then Jimi's music store is probably the best bet, but only if you have some serious cash to burn.

Music Maker

Music Maker is a store found at 29 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, and was established in 1981, and so have seen the best of Irish music come and go throughout their years of service. Famous artists to have been served by the store include U2, Sinéad O'Connor and Feeder. Music Maker supports the local and national music scene by endorsing who they deem as the best in new Dublin music, while the store that spans three floors supplies everyone with the best possible gear. The wide range of guitars covers every possible incarnation of the six-string, while the so-called 'drumgeon' serves the percussionists with their every possible desire. Not only this, but amplifiers are in rich supply, as well as keyboards and equipment to make your live shows something to remember. The store is not just there to sell you equipment, either. Being a part of Dublin's rich musical history, you could spend some time in the store just taking in the experience, or even head to see the signed Jim Marshall stack and the Rory Gallagher Stratocaster. Next time you're in the area, why not check it out, you might come away with your new favourite piece of gear.

Goodwins Music

Goodwins Music is found at 134 Capel Street, Dublin 1, and has been selling musical instruments for 50 years, and so you are guaranteed to get the experience and advice that is absolutely necessary when parting with your hard-earned cash. They are a Takamine and Fender authorised dealer, so the best in acoustic and electric guitars are covered, as well as a wide variety of bass guitars, and amplifiers to power them. The keyboards and pianos are at good prices, while the store also delves into more folk and traditional instruments if that is the sound you are going for. If you are looking to get into home recording without forking out for professional studios, then all the equipment you will need is here, from microphones to software. The second-hand instruments are great for a first-time buyer looking for quality at a reduced cost, and pretty much every respected brand in the industry can be found here. Along with demonstrations and advice, you can also try out the gear for yourself, which is absolutely crucial to making a purchase since it gives you a real feel for what you will have to spend good money on.


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